image of VPiX vr bootcamp landing page design work

VR Bootcamp Landing Page Design

Ann Pisano crafted VPiX’s VR Bootcamp sales funnel landing page with the goal of engaging Tri-Lakes residents interested in acquiring VR skills. The design’s simplicity aids seamless navigation, helping visitors quickly access essential information. Engaging visuals and succinct content highlight the benefits of joining the VR Bootcamp.

Conversion optimization is central, with strategic call-to-action placements guiding visitors towards enrollment. The narrative speaks to their aspirations, facilitating a smooth progression from curiosity to commitment. Pisano’s design also spotlights the program’s community and growth potential, inspiring locals to become part of this educational journey.

In essence, Ann Pisano’s design harmonizes user experience, persuasive content, and visual appeal to create a compelling tool for attracting, informing, and enrolling Tri-Lakes residents in the VR Bootcamp.

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