image of the kona paradise cleaning car magnet design

Kona Paradise Cleaning Car Magnet Design

Designed to stand out and make a statement, Kona Paradise Cleaning‘s car magnet advertises the company’s three cleaning services in Kailua Kona and surrounding cities. The vibrant design serves as a mobile advertisement that reaches a wide audience as the staff goes about their daily tasks.

Our collaboration with 3 Sixty Printing & Graphix played a crucial role in providing the owner with multiple car magnet prints that withstand various weather conditions, and maintain their striking visual appeal over time. These thoughtfully crafted car magnets not only unify the Kona Paradise Cleaning team but also foster a sense of pride among the staff. The design not only represents the company’s values but also serves as a testament to the professionalism and dedication of its cleaning staff.

The Kona Paradise Cleaning car magnet design, in collaboration with 3 Sixty Printing & Graphix, goes beyond a mere vehicle adornment. It symbolizes a commitment to excellence, effectively communicates the company’s services to a broader audience, and highlights the importance of partnerships within the local business community.

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