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FLIBS 360 Marketing Campaign

Ann Pisano orchestrated a strategic marketing campaign for Florida’s WIM Digital, targeting yacht owners at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBs). The campaign aimed to promote 360 photography shoots, offering a unique perspective. Ann Pisano designed compelling promotional assets for both VPiX and partner WIM Digital Media, effectively leveraging social media platforms.

The campaign’s focal point was the meticulously designed landing page, streamlining registration for two types of 360 shoots: business-focused and yacht-centric. Ann Pisano’s intuitive design ensured a user-friendly experience, facilitating seamless sign-ups.

Ann’s planning ensured cohesiveness. By merging VPiX and WIM Digital Media’s assets, the campaign resonated with the target audience – yacht owners seeking innovative ways to showcase their vessels. This approach not only increased engagement but also showcased the synergy between the two companies.

The campaign’s success hinged on Ann’s blend of creativity and strategic acumen. It effectively tapped into the FLIBs event’s momentum, offering a niche service tailored to yacht owners’ needs. Through engaging visuals, a user-centric landing page, and a tailored approach, the campaign aimed to leave a lasting impression.

In essence, Ann Pisano’s design strategy for WIM Digital’s FLIBs campaign exemplifies the fusion of creativity and functionality. The campaign’s focus on 360 photography shoots addressed yacht owners’ desires, while Pisano’s adept designs and landing page streamlined engagement, presenting an appealing proposition at the International Boat Show.

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