image of the Festival on the Fourth at Palmer Lake logo design

Event Logo Design for Festival on the Fourth

In the vibrant spirit of planning of the rebrand of Palmer Lake Fireworks’ annual event, the Festival on the Fourth at Palmer Lake will be born in Spring 2021. Clarus Creative embarked on a journey to design an event logo that would encapsulate the essence of this cherished celebration. With a commitment to capturing the event’s unique energy, we meticulously designed a logo that served as the visual cornerstone for all marketing efforts.

Our creative process was rooted in the understanding that the logo would be the face of the festival, gracing a multitude of platforms. From flyers and handouts that needed to draw attention to the event, to eye-catching signage that guided attendees through the festivities, the logo’s versatility was paramount. Moreover, the logo found a home on keepsake t-shirts and lanyards, serving as wearable mementos for attendees.

In the digital realm, the logo seamlessly transitioned, adorning the festival’s website and creating a consistent visual identity across social media platforms. Its adaptability extended to television media, where it caught the eye of viewers, leaving an indelible mark. Even email communications resonated with the logo, effectively conveying the festival’s spirit to recipients.

The design process was a harmonious blend of creativity and strategic thinking. Our team infused elements that spoke to the event’s values, themes, and location, resulting in a logo that evoked emotions and resonated with the festival-goers. We carefully selected colors, fonts, and imagery to encapsulate the event’s festive atmosphere and community camaraderie.

Clarus Creative’s partnership with the Festival on the Fourth at Palmer Lake was more than just design; it was about amplifying the event’s impact. The logo became more than an image; it became a symbol that united attendees and stakeholders alike. Our dedication to crafting an adaptable and resonant logo ensured that the festival’s message transcended mediums, connecting with a diverse audience and contributing to the event’s resounding success.

Select Festival on the Fourth projects and media mentions

image of the Festival on the Fourth at Palmer Lake 2021 event t-shirt design front and back
image of the Festival on the Fourth at Palmer Lake 2022 event sponsorship trifold design front and back
screenshot image of Loving Living Local television show advertising the Festival on the Fourth at Palmer Lake 2022 event


"Ann is an extremely creative artist that works tirelessly and with great determination. She is a talented, vibrant woman whose personality is demonstrated in her creations. I have been overwhelmed in what she has done for our non-profit organization."
image of Cindy K the director of Festival on the Fourth at Palmer Lake
Cindy Kuchinsky
Event Director, Palmer Lake Fireworks
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