image of hire roos legal staffing brochure design

Canva Brochure Design for HireRoos

Clarus Creative designed this three-page design using Canva to showcase the legal staffing services at HireRoos, a Washington, DC-based staffing agency. Melding owner-supplied copywriting and imagery, this Canva design introduces HireRoos’ commitment to empowering businesses through strategic hiring solutions, emphasizing support and sustainable growth. The Founder & CEO, Karen Roos, of HireRoos, utilized Clarus Creative for its brand logo creation and other ongoing creative and digital marketing consult work.


"Ann Pisano provided exceptional services for my business. She helped me start my business by designing my brand identity with a business logo, business cards, flyers, brochures, and websites. She helped me rebrand my professional staffing agency and offered insightful advice for social media strategy, search engine optimization, and local search marketing. Her attention to detail and unique style is unmatched, and most importantly, she listened to my vision and executed it efficiently. I highly recommend her services and have continued to use Ann since the inception of my company."
image of Karen R the business owner of HireRoos
Karen Roos
Founder & CEO
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