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3D Home Inventory Ad Campaign

Explore this captivating 3D Home Inventory ad campaign produced by Ann Pisano. Ann skillfully blended innovation with practicality in this compelling campaign. The campaign strategically debuted as a print ad in the Lewis-Palmer School District newsletter, ensuring local engagement and community resonance. Ann’s expertise extended seamlessly to the digital realm, where the campaign strategically targeted locals through platforms like Nextdoor, Facebook, and Instagram. This localized approach ensured a meaningful impact.

At its core, the 3D Home Inventory Ad Campaign revolved around VPiX’s revolutionary concept – a 360 virtual tour inventory for homes and businesses. Ann’s design effectively conveyed the essence of this unique offering, emphasizing its importance for insurance documentation. The visuals she crafted were not just captivating; they provided a glimpse into a new way of safeguarding assets. Ann translated the technical innovation of VPiX’s 3D Home Inventory into an accessible narrative that resonated with print and digital audiences alike. This campaign is a testament to her ability to harmonize design with strategic thinking, driving impact through every medium. The 3D Home Inventory Ad Campaign showcases Ann Pisano’s design finesse. From print to digital, from local newsletters to social media, her vision brought VPiX’s groundbreaking concept to life, illustrating the power of design in communicating innovation and functionality.

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