image of VPiX 360 gigs landing page design work

360 Gigs Landing Page Design

Ann Pisano designed the 360 Gigs sales funnel landing page for VPiX, aiming to draw, inform, convert, and enlist Tri-Lakes freelance photographers. Ann’s strategic design ensures simple navigation, helping visitors find crucial platform details easily. The page presents appealing visuals and concise yet compelling content that highlights the perks of joining the VPiX 360 photography gig network.

The design prioritizes conversion optimization, strategically placing call-to-action buttons that guide visitors to sign up and explore opportunities. The landing page’s storytelling resonates with photographers’ aspirations, making it smooth for them to move from curious visitors to committed participants. Crucially, Ann’s design showcases the vibrant community and growth potential of the platform, effectively encouraging freelancers to join this collaborative ecosystem.

In essence, Ann Pisano’s design for the 360 Gigs sales funnel landing page blends user-friendly experience, persuasive content, and visual charm, creating a potent tool for captivating, engaging, and recruiting Tri-Lakes freelance photographers.

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